How to become a successful director in cinema ? Hollywood to Kollywood !

Being a successful director is not that much easy. If you need to be a successful director, first of all you need to setup yourself and be very knowledgeable person about media and people. Be the best updated version of your thoughts and activities. Here i gonna explain some interesting things you need to learn for being a successful director in cinema.

How to become a successful director in cinema ? Hollywood to Kollywood !

Watch more movies

Already we have more directors, more producers, more actors & actresses and more movies. So must watch your favorited category movies and watch all previous blockbuster movies in all categories. Then only you come to know what is movie. You should watch these movies, because you will come to know what is cinema and how a director was directed and what all are the new style used and what are all the new clues.

We haven't chance to see a blockbuster movie without a director's full new creation and fantastic screenplay. So that i am telling, maybe a story same as previous movies, but screenplay matters ! A successful director will show his talent in screenplay writing by giving wonderful punch dialogues and fantastic verses. Watch movies a lot and lot, when you have free time. Else, brush aside daily only to watch movies !!

Be all in one talented guy

It will be more useful if you have knowledge in acting, dialogue writing, screen play writing, Selection of music composing, Selecting in choreographer composing, editing, little knowledge with singing, overall script writing, one line story telling, little knowledge in editing, and direction. yeah, keep yourself familiar with all these things. If you are success in these, definitely you are ready to rock. 

"When some one challenge to act you, you should act and get claps even if you are a director !"

We have more courses to learn about cinema. You can complete any degree like visual communication, some thing related to direction or media. Learn about media, be updated in cinema, know about new releases, know about failure releases and all. When you are updated with these, in that time you are a real rocker and it means, waiting for your turn !

Direct short films

Direct more sensitive, and useful concept short films and release it in social medias like facebook, foursquare, and twitter. If your concept and short film is very unique and good, people will share that without fail. Here people definitely accept and welcoming new concept and good concepts. You can analyse your reputation level in direction, by getting new comments for your video, and getting new friend requests in facebook !!

Now a days a short film also makes very huge affection and change with society. So spend your time in writing good scripts for society and direct short films. There are more small production companies to produce for short films. You can utilize this offer. Be unique in dialogues and story. So you will have chance to get win good awards in short film competitions.

Don't think its just a short film. When you go to the director to join as assistant or going to search new producer, in that time your short film's popularity, your short film's reputed script will show how unique director you are !! We have more good directors who came from short film's success with people through social media !!!

Join as Assistant Director (With Familiar Director)

Its very easy to find any one director and join as his assistant. But you shouldn't join as assistant with non familiar director. Its little hard to get touch with reputed famous director and joining as his assistant. But you should wait for that moment till. Even it will take months or years depends on your self motivation on each and every failure, respect with them, tolerance and mainly dedication ! Familiar director's contacts will help you to get producer very easily as you worked behind his circle's branded banner. So you will get good producer very easily rather than waiting for collateral pledged borrowing bank loan.

To reach this final stage you may need to spend your valuable time fully in this. But you should't worry about that. In Media & Cinema they have very big competition. So, you should wait for that and always be ready to rock with your uniqueness ! There is nothing such permanent failure in your life. Not at all. 

"Imagine, success as bungalow ! It should be build with more pillars (Failures) for remain very strong !! If you need to build your bungalow (Success) very strong, there should be more counts of pillars (Failures) !!!"

So search a lot, wait for your turn. You will definitely get good one. The reason i am insisting you to join as assistant director with familiar director is you will get very filtered knowledge in direction and will get upper middle class contacts ! So you will get producer easily with your previous project success along with the director. Yeah, success is very near to you when you are in right place who tasted success already ! 

  • He knows how to direct as matured !
  • He knows how to write dialogues !
  • He knows how to write different screen play !
  • He knows how to get critical call sheet with artists !
  • He knows how to manage call sheet with artists !
  • He knows how to manage a production manager !
  • He knows how to keep fantastic frame !
  • He knows what is a key to success ! 
  • He knows how to maintain success ever !
  • He knows how to get rid of useless worries !
  • He knows how to manage a failure !
  • He has very good contact around his circle !
  • Finally if you are a companion to him, he will teach his best unique ideas to be a different guy !
  • If he is in wealthy position, he will turn into as producer for your first project if you are unique and special !

These are all not rare one. Every day we seeing miracles with new comers and new director's hit ! You have more opportunities and more non explained plus points work with successful director ! So, join and bond with lady or gent familiar director, It matters !

Be a best fan of your creation

First you should see your creation from the audience view. So that you can give for their taste. Whenever you are going keep frame, write dialogue, write screen play and direct, always you just think, this moment is your first time in this ! When you are like this, your assault and careless will get smashed. Think about your producer's investment, think about your future is depends with this movie, think about how will the audience response !

Even if you get successful blockbusters, next film you should remain the same. Should afraid more to save your previous success ! So your life is always different and always have competition. So keep yourself as a fan as audience. Then only you can be a successful director ever !

How to get producer for your project

There are more production companies ready to produce. But they mostly ready to work with famous banner. They hesitate to produce for newbies. Apart form those companies we have some more companies ready to produce even for newbies ! You can search producers for your project daily with your story walk into their office. 

At any circumstance, when you facing any problem, some one already faced it and put remedy or they also shared their suffering explanation in internet already. So we are getting most the answers in internet through Google, Bing or Yahoo. 

Same as this, there are more millionaires are having more money but they are looking for some good projects to invest and get good returns. If you are genuine, you can put your details in some of online business sharing websites mentioned below and get interest with more investors !! These sites not only for producers, who are looking funding for their projects, they will invest if they are interested with your project.

Entrepreneurs and Investors meeting online places and more success stories !

All the best for your bright entertaining future ;)

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