How to go and attend an interview - Top questions that mostly asking by interviewer !

First impression is the best impression !

Each and every company expecting and recruiting freshers and experienced. The thing that you should know, all persons will have final question, why do they need to select you ? So, be prepared for this question. You must show your speciality,  you should prove your uniqueness in that field, and how will you be a best part of that company. For this, you need to prepare and train yourself.
how to go and attend an interview

Punctuality & Obedience

You must arrive at interview place before 30 minutes. You may think that no one is watching you. But, its wrong. Most of the big network companies, especially in interview timings, management will appoint some persons to notice new comer. Yeah, you will be notify by those persons. This report will be submitted to the interviewer. So, finally that report will give you additional points to grab your job. Keep in mind, go to the interview place at least before 30 minutes, be obediently, fill your form, and wait for your turn.

Dress code

Appear to the interview in appropriate professional costume. We have one of famous quote "PERSON HALF, DRESS IS REST OF HALF". So your professional costume will attract your friends and new comer. So it will be definitely notice by an interviewer. You costume will show your attitude, your character, your mind. Its like mirror of your thoughts. So before go the interview, select your costume promptly.

Atmosphere of Interview place

The third main thing is, your interview place atmosphere. Few companies may have their slogan or unique thoughts. So, to convey this matter to people, they may nail some pictures, frames or catalogs in their office. If you are genius, you do notice that. Then prepare some of your thoughts related with those slogans. It will attract the interviewer which is companion to their company. So you must see and prepare for their surrounding. Its like getting bank loan for your business. You should be prepared for all !

Know about company

It will show that you are familiar with them already. Yeah, for an example if you are going to the Facebook company for an interview, you should know perfectly about who are they. To know this, just google it. You will get interesting details about them. if non familiar company mean, you just collect details through you friends.

You can collect that company's details of Their branches, their exact need, their head office, their total workers, their recent awards, their recent achievements, their slogan, their goal, their last 3 years balance sheet, profit and loss etc. 

You presence will give them the boldness when you are known with all these. The third person when know about all these micro information, their company people will be wondered.

Short & Stylish resume

Prepare your resume very updated and simple to understand in first 2 pages. Most of the interviewers look will be in first two pages only. After read that, even if you have more pages, they will not concentrate. They will concentrate to ask you the questions. So try to write your resume short and sweet, very detailed within 2 pages maximum. Rest of pages may filled with other information. 

When you are going to write your resume, just see the example were given in the internet as samples. You can see more than 100 to choose finally best one.

Body language

Your body language should be matured. Mean, walk with confidence. Carry your file gently in hand. Before enter the interviewer room, just knock the door and ask excuse. The distance between the door and the room chair, when you walk don't bow your head, be straight, walk with smile, see the things around room. Interviewer will note all your activities.

Don't make noise by pulling your chair to sit. Use right hand maximum. Start conversation with smile. Do answer only for their questions, do not show that you are over matured. You can use some of pin points for that questions apart from right answer. But that should be needful. Meanwhile use head left to right, up to down with smile.  Joggle your hands confidently when answer. It is all called body language. Don't shy. Your body language will show your good attitude.

"Just realize interviewer is an employ. After your interview you will also be an employ. You both will work together. So answer joyfully with your lovely body language gently"

Top questions that would be asked by Interviewers !

You should prepare this questions & answers to pass in the interview - EXCLUSIVE !!

1. Tell about yourself, or college life ?

2. What is reason you need to work in this company?

3. Do explain about your hard challenging task that you have faced in the past year ?

4. Why do you need this work ?

5. What do you know about this company ?

6. What do you know about your work ?

7. What is your plus and minus point ?

8. How would your head describe about yourself ?

9. What is your achievement ?

10. What did you done to get success in this role ?

11. What will you do to get success in this role ?

12. What are all the best ways to run this company more better ?

13. How will you mange if any changes in your role ?

14. Why did you leave from your previous job ?

15. Why did you choose this company ?

16. How did you manage your down line team in the past with an example ?

17. How do you motivate your team or colleagues ?

18. What will you do, if i didn't give opportunity to work here ?

19. How will you plan for your daily, weekly and monthly activities ?

20. Please explain some of key factors to improve in work / service / sale ?

21. How will you manage yourself always motivated with this work ?

22. Compare yourself with a MAD & GENIUS ?

I hope these information is useful to you. By the way you follow these simple and notable matter, you can get success not only in interview, even in your life also. Because every one in this world needs respect, genius, matured. So, try to be an all in one. If yes, you will be noted & very important person for all.

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