Human being possible in the earth - MOTHER !

We all know, that our life here. The only reason best intro to the world now and ever perfectly called mother.

Human being possible in the earth - MOTHER !

"Obeying her one of the lovely matter ever. yeah, it matters a lot" because,

No one will not accept if we kick them. Definitely they will return back what did we give.  But she only felt our first movement and ours kick in her stomach. Even she got happy, such a possessive thing ! She only conveyed to our dad that she has a baby in her. What a lovely thing !

Mainly, how many days and months she thought about our shape, mind, safety while we was in her Sanctum sanctorum. Even the owl also will be defeated, she never slept properly as we in her stomach.

  • Often pain 
  • Continuous vomit
  • She never taste the original taste of things
  • Period allergy
  • Giddiness, Stupor, swoon
  • No entertainment with husband
  • No travelling
  • Home home home ever
  • Pregnant pain (100 times more pain than a Straight accident with vehicle)
  • Cesarean
  • Finally we born and cry
"The only one day that our mom smiled when we cried ! Our delivery day ! She nailed it ! She made it ! "

The one and only soul will not think badly or not harm us, mother !! Honoring parents is the most lovely thing thing ever.

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