Interesting things with facebook and previous users - How to use facebook better for commercial purpose !

Facebook is a king of social media and social networking sites. Its giving good opportunity to find people, making friendship, social interaction with pages, industry and media updates etc. Facebook have been updating it's importance with people and user friendly options hourly. So that facebook has splendid unique views and making billion dollar business. Here i gonna explain what are all the specialties of facebook, and how to use facebook better for your personal and commercial purpose ! To do this, you no need be a expert in SEO, but need to understand some of basic things in Search Engine Optimization.

Interesting things with facebook and previous users - How to use facebook better for commercial purpose !

1. Create facebook pages (Filtered Keywords Use)

Facebook is offering free to create pages about companies, institution, organization, local business or place, your brand or product, celebrity or artists, entertainment, cause, community etc. So you must select appropriate category before create a page. It will help to make people understand what is your page is about !

After select an appropriate category, fill your relevant details in description and all. I am coming to tell, don't leave any needed form space, even if that is optional. Utilize all blank spaces by giving your prompt details. Then create your slash follwing URL connects with your page with your most redefined keywords. For instance, you are a Event management company in India, so you can keep your facebook page URL like this. Concentrate all form filling places and use your keywords.

Create facebook pages (Filtered Keywords Use)

2. Using Hash Tags (#)

Assume, you are already using facebook user account and created your facebook page successfully. Then you already invited your friends to like your new page. Now you have plenty of users in your list. Next, you should share your business details, business place, product updates daily more than 5 times by sharing your status. The main thing you need to notice in this, if you don't have any other new products or services, you don't be simply, search reasons to post status, search ideas to post new status. Whatever, just link into your business services or products and share you status.

While share your status, Use # button in front of main words. Instance, you are giving service in Event management, so you can add hash key in front of #EVENT #MANAGEMENT #EventManagement like this. It will show relevant results as your status in fb around world, if any person search with EVENT or MANAGEMENT. There are more chances to use your Hash keywords by some other person. So keep update your status daily with new ideas and new things. Then only you can stable your updates with people strongly in high position.

3. Guest posts with other related facebook pages

"Any business you do, you have competitors and previous entrepreneurs in that industry. You don't think it is a sad thing.  It is a very good thing to establish your business too with them - Techniques !"

Guest posts with other related facebook pages

Yeah, keep search more business people related with your business  in facebook pages. You will get more and more. After get some of high or low people interaction facebook pages, there is option to post your stauts, comment you opinion in previous admin posts in that page. Some of facebook pages may have little high page rank. So utilize this opportunity. 

Comment relevant topic in comments along with your product or service details. Share your status posts in other business pages. It will automatically save in their page. So you will get instant backlink. Even it will not go to admin's moderation. But admin can delete your post, so comment and share status related to their page and posts.

4. Paid advertising with Facebook (Promoting)

Same as Google's adwords, facebook has it's unique paid advertising. Which is very useful to selling and get customers. There are several type to promote your brand and products in facebook. Like, Facebook page promoting, top listing with facebook users depends upon your CPC (Cost Per Click) bidding, side wall ads with banner display units etc. This type of ads called sponsored. 

You can pay to get benefits and get more clients. Most of the big companies are using facebook's sponsored platform to promote their brand and sell their goods and services. Even facebook has gender filtering, age filtering, countries and cities filtering. So you can decide and choose which type of viewers and customers do you need to get with your concern !

Paid advertising with Facebook (Promoting)

5. Create groups and add friends

With facebook most of the options are free. As usual creating group with facebook also not an exception. So create group with your keywords and unique description. Then add your friends into your group. Facebook offers, you can add friends to your group even without their permission ! But don't spam or don't post irrelevant posts. Because people may get irradiated & leave your group. So, keep post related to your products and services. 

In free time not only you post your products and services, just share useful things to people's health, free tips ideas, some of interesting jokes etc. Then only you can keep your friends in your group list. They should think to leave your group. When you have sufficient reputation with your pages, groups friends, friend list people will read all your posts and sharing. So keep a goal to entertain through your words. It will increase your visibility and wealth.

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