Useful tips to run your personal computer little faster - How to remove unwanted extensions and files (Windows Users)

Most of the persons facing problem that how to remove unwanted files in the computer and how to run computer little faster. In order to say obviously, all computers will run faster only depends on your PC's RAM size, processor speed, and hard disk capacity. But even if you use high configuration spares in your pc, some of files will make your computer performance very slow and will give error. So here i gonna explain how to run your computer faster by removing unwanted files and extensions same as get traffic to your website explanation before.

Useful tips to run your personal computer little faster - How to remove unwanted extensions and files

1. Removing temporary files

1. Go to run comment and type %temp% then hit enter. You will see the files related internet. Its all unwanted and those may make your computer very slow. So select all and delete all. While delete, press shift and delete button. So that it will not go to recycle bin.

2. Go to run comment and type temp then hit enter. same as before Its all system related unwanted files and those may make your computer very slow. So select all and delete all. While delete, press shift and delete button. So that it will not go to recycle bin.

Removing temporary files - how to remove temporary files

2. Removing prefetch files

Go to run comment and type prefetch then hit enter. As usual you will see some of files, select all and shift delete it. These files also make you system little slow. So when you delete these files, you will have chance to run your computer little faster.

3. Run Disk clean up

Go to run comment and type cleanmgr then hit enter. You will see the dialogue box like this.

Run Disk clean up

After get this box, select which disk you want to clean whether C or D etc. After select the partition, click ok. It will take some time clean unwanted files and align free spaces which is in that partition. It will very useful and make your computer run faster.

4. Uninstall unwanted softwares

Go to control panel, and select add or remove programs (XP). Go to control panel, and select Programs and features then you will see uninstall or change program (WIN 7, Vista, 8).

After that you will the the dialogue box like this.

Uninstall unwanted softwares

After go to this option, uninstall your unwanted softwares and files. Because, unwanted excess usage of softwares also will occupy your hard disk's space and make your computer very slow. In this, you need to note, if any unwanted software will run in your pc mean, it will increase the work for RAM memory and make your computer performance very slow. So uninstall your unwanted softwares without fail.

5. Select your best Anti virus or Internet security compatible to your configuration

It is much important to maintain anti virus to for a pc. Mainly internet users need to use anti virus. Because, while surfing in the internet like facebook, twitter youtube or some other sites, there is much chances to your pc attacked by some of malware functions. So if you use Anti virus, it will work as best firewall and save your computer files from computer trojan horse and some other virus functions.

In this you need to know, selecting anti virus is best part of run your system faster. For instance, you are using 512 MB ram and 160 GB hard disc along with Pentium processor mean, installing NORTON, SYMANTEC or KASPERSKY antivirus softwares will make your system too slow again. So you can use avast rather than those. So selecting anti virus depends upon your system configuration also will make your computer run more faster. If you are not familiar with selecting antivirus compatible with your configuration mean, better ask suggestion with system service engineer or friends.

After selecting good antivirus, scan your full system. Because, due to virus problems also your computer will run very slow. So after installed, updated and scanned your pc with antivirus, your will will run very faster.

6. Optimize windows start up programs

Go to run comment and type msconfig you will see a dialogue box like this.

Optimize windows start up programs

Then click startup option. After click that, you will see all options. In this option you can choose which files you need to show in below bar exactly here. Tick and Untick carefully. Because some of key functions like synaptics and function key will not work, if that is not appeared here. So choose your start up programs which you want to run when your computer powered on. Remove unwanted widgets in your side bar. After tick or untick with start up tools, restart your computer. You will see the magic, you computer will boot into desktop very faster than before.

msconfig start up programs optimize

7. Run combofix.exe software

Some malwares and viruses will not deleted by antiviruses. So even if you run antivirus scan, these typo viruses will not deleted. So for this typo error and malicious programs you can download and run combofix.exe file. Its especially made for malwares and micro viruses which is giving continuous errors like task manage not open, regedit not open, error reporting coming often etc.

We have varieties in combofix software for XP, VISTA, WIN 7, WIN 8. So while downloading combofix file, search perfectly and download appropriate combofix software.

If you need to run this combofix software, you should have an internet connection. Because, to rectify errors and malicious functions combofix will download some of prompt supporting files directly file from internet automatically. After run this combofix software, it will ask more permissions. So keep sit infront of pc and accept and grand permission by giving ok to all. You will get remedy definitely !

You can come to know, combofix finally will give log report in txt file when it finishes it's work. Until don't open any files or programs. While combofix run, may your computer will restart often. Don't worry about that, it will done it's work finally !!

Combofix matters !!!

8. Download and install CCLEANER

Download and install CCLEANER

CCleaner is a best software to remove unwanted files, uninstall unwanted softwares, fixing registry errors etc. So download CCleaner & Registry Cleaner then install in your pc. Each time you power on your pc, just run it and remove unwanted files. There is an option named RUN CLEANER. Click and remove unused extensions, web cookies, web history etc. It will be very useful to run your pc faster.

Use these tricks and tips in your pc and run pc faster !!!

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