Define Immature and What is Maturity! A Simple Mental Age Test in My Life

Define Immature and What is Maturity! A Simple Mental Age Test in My Life

" If someone throws a stone on you, you just throw a FLOWER on them.. It's your maturity! But when they again throw a stone, then don't hesitate to throw FLOWER POT on them! It's your personality! " 

I'm going to tell definition of Immatureness & Explain about What is Maturity!  Let's see for a while what's the most embarrassing moment happened to me & how I handled it.. What I did?

               Basically I'm an event organizer & My company do wedding planning, entertainment events, corporate shows & more related to this event planning. Between, there are more event planners around the state & the country. The thing is that, while doing corporate shows, the corporate companies have more branches in many states.

So, if the corporate company wants to launch some new product in some other state, they will give that organizing works to their regular EVENT VENDOR. 

The event vendors, cannot take all their materials to other state as it so far & the travelling charges are so expensive. So they will contact that state's any of local event company to organise equipments & other things from the local place in reasonable price. 

And the way, I got a call from other state's event vendor which explains that they are in the need of some event materials & need to do event production in my place for corporate. 

The mail from them also clearly explained everything & my budget also wins from all other quotes of local event companies. 

Actually not only the quote wins, my predominant energizing phone conversation wins & gave them the confidence that our company will do effectively! 

That means, an event management company supports another event company in our local place. 

I was 21 years old at that time. But I came to event field at 14 years old.. Shocking nah? Yep, its true! Actually that event vendor didn't know my age! My voice in phone is always matured & meaningful. And yeah, I got payment advance & confirmation from him. 

Half day prior, my team rushed to the venue & made setup of everything. From backdrop to the memento! 

That 45 years old event vendor with his wife came to the venue & searching for something. I was inside & I'm just looking at him. I don't know what is he searching for! I gently went, said Hi & introduced myself to him.. He was thoroughly staring at me like a ghost! 

I can smell that feel! Ya, he was like, 'Is he a Person, actually a BOY whom we spoke in phone & gave business deal? Shamed!" 

He felt like he got into a trap with small boy! His look says it all. He didn't speak much & he started to show more attitude to me only because of my age. He didn't sounds respect to me after that. Negligence overloaded!

I never disclose my other powerful identities that much easily. I always respect people & never show my attitude mostly. As the works was clearly done from my side already, he was like ok & Lets start the event!

Event is going extremely well. Actually we never trust direct power line because of unexpected power cuts. So we always suggest & give 2nd backup of generator set from the beginning to end. Show is going very interesting & sounds good! Yeah, we always concern about giving hits in events! 

But who knows the future's twists? The main cable from backside stage got loose contact because of some client person's backstage stage activity unknowingly. Immediately the power also got shutdown even the generator runs. 

At event night, It just took just 4 - 5 minutes maximum to reconnect the cable for us as we took care of event production. That's all. It rarely happens in 1 event among 100! We made everything ready! 

But he said that, in his event history he didn't make power shutdown even in one event! But later his regular DJ revealed, he did many failures in events & some of power cuts too! And more over, power shutdown is the normal thing, we no need to react much for this! The client also didn't take too serious about power problem. 

"But that event vendor, came with more anger towards me, pulled my shirt collar & took me to the outside!"

Just assume, I am youth blood & I was in damn angry too for what he is doing like mental with me! He used all the bad words, actually very worst language! From the start itself, he didn't like me. Who knows the exact reason, it maybe because of my age & involvement in big things. He almost came to punch me because of the power shutdown..

Can you explain why the Marten doesn't like Snake? You can't answer exactly right? The same here! He didn't like me..

You think the 21 years old youth cannot knock out that mind less event vendor? Obviously No! It will take only one punch in fraction of seconds for me directly to his face! But I didn't do it..

Actually I personally know more than 50 "IPS" police officers personally who are all very powerful in our Country. They all are respect me as I did many things in this small age. And also I was in the Designation of Human Rights Organization Central District Secretary in Youth wing too at that time! Plus, I am a media person too! If I have made one call, at least 100 persons may came there and stand for me! Obviously that event vendor cannot go home back without wounds or legal problems!

All were turned on their anger mode!

My workers & material suppliers all are always shower love on me & always have more respect on me as I never play with payments or telling lie to reduce their payments. I literally became leader for my lovely workers as I respect my labours..!

They actually saw this, got so much angry on him and surrounded him. He got afraid! He started to blink & he doesn't know what to do next badly! They all were waited for my answer! If I said ok, or If I showed my frustrated feel to them, they may definitely beat all of them! 

Because they couldn't accept it! It was too rude behavior from the different state person! As I often doing shows in that hotel, the hotel persons also came to support me. He almost came to know my real value! 

But whatever happens, the event vendor should advice or request in proper way, but what he did is completely odd! But I understood that he is a foolish Short tempered guy.. Settled down my anger and calmed down all of my workers. But that event person didn't come out from the afraid as all the workers had so much anger..

For me, respect is everything! When there is no respect, then probably I won't stay there. At that time he literally Killed my Respect while everyone watching. I felt ashamed! But still.. I know, it will get some time for me to forget this very bad memory. So immediately I understood the situation & reacted gently..

Asked my workers to pack the things & requested them that I will handle this. Asked hotel persons to go to their work. And started to speak with that event person. He was little calm & watching my words..

I said about my higher level contacts & for what I really capable of.. He shocked! And I also said, 

"Perhaps you did this same to any other event company here, they surely won't leave you to your place with this same respect, without proper apologize & honest settlement! 

You maybe aged, But not matured in Mind! 

I don't expect your apology.. But try to realize your mistake after you reach your place! Don't say that you are always right!

Don't ever do this same to any other person! Grow up.. I don't need extra pay for your mistake, just Settle the agreed balance payment..!

He & his wife was very silent & started to count the currencies happily.. 

After we left that place, my workers started to praise & love me more because of my activity & presence of mind..

But Lol, that funny moment even I get laugh hard when I think... 

Actually the very next day, they are in the need to collect the soft copies of photos as they are returning their place. Actually the husband & wife got so much afraid about my team & not even came out from the hotel room for their safety till they get into their car after collected the photos. 

After some months, 

I got Christmas wish from him thru Whats app. In fact, he realized his mistake! 

I smiled & replied.. 

Happy Christmas too ;)

Now you say, What is maturity? Is it with people age or mentally matured age? Life always give you mental age test. You have to understand it! The thing to say, if you are proper all the time, the society will come & join with you immediately! Don't ever lose your stability! Situations may shake you from anywhere, but be neutral! Teach right lessons in proper way.. Sometimes, age is just numbers when compared to a little one's maturity! Maturity always wins!! Here 21 won the 45 :P

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