6 Things to Remember Before Brush Your Teeth!

Things to remember before brush your teeth!

There are some notable things which will give healthy living that you need to know before brush your teeth. Yeah, teeth have more important position to live a healthy life. So you should should take care of it daily!

Once you got up from your bed, in your empty stomach, take sesame oil a little in mouth & gargle it for 2-3 minutes. After that just spit it. It's called oil pulling. This healthy habit is a boon for human beings! Yeah, this habit will avoid all major health problems! Especially from heart related diseases!

Constipation will make many deep illnesses for sure! So you should pee well in the morning without hassles! For this, after got up from bed, drink 2 Glass of water! It will make your motion to come free within 5 minutes! 

When you take paste, just add little salt in that. This will increase your teeth's strength & hardness for sure! You won't get suffered teeth sensitivity too!

Don't change your tooth brush often! New tooth brush's hard nature will make sensitivity between teeth. So brush your teeth very smooth fully.

Brushing your teeth twice a day (Morning & Night) is the most appreciated thing! It will save you from bacteria & teeth stain. 

Finally what I suggest is, even you no need to use brush and toothpaste for brushing. Just use Neem stick as brush. Seriously this one is 200% better and powerful than brush & toothpaste! The bitterness will make your health more positive as illnesses are mainly have connectivity with teeth! 

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