Village Life is Better for Healthy Living! Why?

Village life is better for healthy living! Why?

If you are living in a city, then you are ruining your healthy life! Actually village has more advantages for human being physically and psychologically too! City may gives you luxuriousness & technological benefits. But it makes many defectives in human life indirectly!

All villages have very good pollution free atmosphere! Without pollution, you can definitely increase your living period in this earth!

A village's greenery revolution will set your mind free psychologically too! It will create such pleasant feel & peaceful mood always in humans!

Village always have traffic free travel experiences! Live your life in right punctuality!

In city you cannot see good people that much easily as mostly they are money minded. In village you can get more good circle who always respect humanity more than money!

Cost of living also very cheap when compared to the city! You can cost cut your expenses easily!

The village oriented works will strengthen your physique too! It will set your health in stable mode & you will get your energy and stamina more! When you work harder, you won't go lazy and you won't get aged look very soon! 

As village is an agriculture based place, you will obviously get non chemical mixed fresh organic vegetables & fruits to eat! As your food style & quality changes into more qualified, you will live long with comfort health!

As work pressures also very very less in villages, you won't get suffered by main common illnesses in cities like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Thyroid, Kidney stones etc, that soon! 

You will get good natured life partner too in village area! They will feel heart to heart! Not like modern girls! They always love to be in tradition & culture based respect! 

Caution alerts, robbery, crimes also very less in villages! So you can life peacefully!

As there are more undisclosed benefits in village life, after earned good wealth in city, atleast plan to live your life in peaceful village after some age!

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