What Can You Do in Flight Delay Time?

What can you do in flight delay time?

Don't panic or worry about your flight delay or any of delay in life! You may miss that fixed moment, but think that, you was saved from some other bad incident at the same time! Don't think that what will happen within that delay time in somewhere! Read about Butterfly Effect! You will come know the unimaginable effect of time's power! Let me share some of useful tips to spend nice time in flight delay hours..

First of all come out from the shivering moment & useless pressure! Just deal cool!

Try to have new friendship with your nearby person in airport lounge! Start a topic about flight delay & have nice friendship with them! If it's a girl, then double ok ;)

Make a look around & have something for your hungry! Deal your flight delay peacefully & happily!

Watch other persons' activities around you! You will note something which will make you to think, laugh, smile, sad etc! It's called observing..

Or else you can hear your favorite songs in your headphone too!

Use the restroom to make yourself more comfortable physically too!

Mostly girls only will work in the respective air craft's cabin. Find that working girl and ask some questions about flight delay. They will answer you with care! Have some romantic & respectful time pass!

Spend some time in window shopping.. Lol! Yeah.. Don't buy anything.. Just visit all the shops nearby you! If it's duty free, then you can see all the newly imported items & things.. It's called costly & trendy time pass ;)

Walking is good for health! Don't hesitate to walk around.. Just sight at girls/boys.. It's good for harmones! Just walk.. It's good for health in your routine mechanism life!

Connect your phone with charger and you can chat with your friends too! Meanwhile you can also give a very good Facebook Live in your Facebook timeline about your hot topic of flight delay ;)

Don't worry about anything in your life ever.. Just enjoy your all moments and Happy flight delay..!

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