When You See a Road Accident What Will You Do?

When you see a road accident what will you do?

Humanity should win at that time! And also you should think it from the victim's side! No matter who made an accident! At last it's all about Living need! If you think your situation from an injured person, then you cannot leave them on road with negligence. That same thing may happen to you even later! So, don't hesitate to help them in all the sides as your best.

First of all don't ever think that, If you help an injured person, the police people will irritate you later in inquiries. They will Enquire.. That's it! They can't put you in jail for your helping nature! Actually they will respect you! So please do the needful for an injured person!

When an accident happened, then mostly the people, only will watch the injured person without taking first aid measures or further helps. So, don't hesitate to rush the spot, and do the helps for them as first person. When you started to do this, then other people also will join with you! Be an example!

When an accident happens, the injured person's valuables may shatter everywhere. Some people may come and steal it. So collect those things & give it to the respective person later!

Once you see an accident, immediately call the Ambulance & inform to police station. It's much needed one! When the ambulance comes, they will do the First aid in ambulance itself.

At the same time, blood loss is a severe condition! So when you see that there is blood leakage from injured person, then torn any cloths & tie it on blood leaking part. It will stop the blood leakage till they reach hospital!

After that, try to get a phone, diary or any related things from injured person to get a phone number of their relative or parents to inform about the accident! So that they can come to the hospital with further requirements about surgery or medication process.

If possible, don't hesitate to go with the ambulance too! When you can reach the hospital with the injured person, then you can explain with the doctors about, previous situation of patient like Vomiting, blood loss, patient's activity etc. So It's really very helpful to the doctors to give appropriate medication!

Once their relatives come there, you can freely convey and leave away! They will take care of it! But do you know what will you get for that help which you did? That comfort & happy feel for the big help you did it to the person's live! You cannot get this respected feel from anything!

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