How to Bring Someone Out From Sad Mood?

How to Bring Someone Out From Sad Mood?

Meeting him/her in person is the 1st and best thing. Because in person, depends on their face expressions & mood you can understand what are they thinking!

Hug them first & hold their hands when you meet. That lovable nature will set their mood like you are there for them and they no need to worry anymore! 

If possible, make them to cry out by listening their story fully. So that their hardness in heart will get melted! It's like hand over their things to someone who is really capable.

Don't advice them! Just make them understand nicely by using sweet words in lovely tonality about their mistakes!

Tell about their best things that they have done in the past, their plus points which people like in them, their positive nature, their real capability, their previous achievements & more! It will make them to realize their real power & ability in the society!

Tell them that you are there for them forever! And you will do anything for their good efforts and bold approaches!

Tell examples which was happened somewhere & how someone came out from that same situation easily! And how they turned more valuable after their struggles in society!

Tell about their valuable circle & power of coming out from saddened state!

Make them smile by telling situational jokes suddenly.

These are all the best ways to bring someone out from their sad mood and worst situations.

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