10 Best Tips to Go for Long Bike Ride!

10 Best Tips to Go for Long Bike Ride!

Long Bike Travel is the most lovely and adventurous experience for humans. Let me suggest you some of tips for long bike ride which will make your travel experience as more comfortable.

Check Fuel level, Tyre air levels & Vehicle condition before your travel date. It will avoid irritating break down which will ruin your memorable travel experience.

Riding with your beloved person is more interesting thing! If possible, just try to have long bike ride with your interesting person. Because when you have another person, your travel will be damn interesting & helpful too at needed times!

Check routes on map before you start! Because there maybe many routes for your destination. In that, you can select the greenery route or adventure related routes as per your taste.

If you are under any medication, then don't forget to take your tablets, injections or syrups.

Costume is more important. Wear the clothes depends on the weather condition. It will save you from tiredness and body's chemical reactions.

Take sweater to ride in night time. Wear cotton cloth in morning time to ride in sunny!

Forget about packing food! Yeah, taste new dishes in variety of tastes in nearby areas!

Ride your bike in normal speed which is in your comfort level. You may get sleepy soon, if you are travelling so long! So, don't hesitate to stop your bike at somewhere and take a little sleep at comfort place nearby! Average speed is very safe & it will give you good mileage too! Just think about it..

Take some stops for your bike! Yeah, in that time, take photos, engage with any people, and have a nice time with them! It will give you nice experience and memories.

Keep your Cell phone fully charged. If possible take second power source like power bank to recharge your mobile battery level. Cell phone is so important when you are in long travel mode!

So prepare everything, plan well and have nice bike journey!

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