How to Remove Permanent Tattoos Without Laser Surgery?

How to Remove Permanent Tattoos Without Laser Surgery?

Let me show you some of ways that has been used by specialists around the world to remove the permanent tattoos without doing laser surgery.

Using Lactic Acid

To remove the Permanent Tattoo, the doctors will inject 30% - 35% of lactic acid on your upper skin. Once they do it, that specific area will start to spill some colors outside. Through this method, doctors can remove the tattoo gradually. But the WHO says that, using this acid for tattoo removal will cause many health issues to the body later!

Ablation Surgery

Thru this method, without liquid, doctors can remove the tattoo from body. But in this method, the wounds & scars will be there even after did surgery. And also this method cannot be done in all the parts of body.

Removing through water cut

In this method, the doctors will use the water in high pressure on the specific part. As the pain will be intolerable, using chloroform will be recommended with patients.

Sensible Electric Treatment

With the guidance of some specialized doctors, fixed level of electricity will be bypassed to your skin. This pressure & electricity will kill your skin cells on that area. Once it's done, the tattoo will get removed once the new cells started to grow.

After all these surgeries & harmful methods, as there are very few natural ways to remove your tattoo without having wounds or pain, before getting sick with the habits, be safe by thinking clean & neat with permanent tattoos!

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