Secrets to Increase Your Instagram Followers!

When you have millions of followers, then Instagram will allow you to make money through your insta account. But the thing is that, getting more followers in Instagram is not easy! So, let's see some of useful tips to increase your followers on #Instagram.

1. First and best suggestion is that using # (Hashtags) for your caption! When you post some pic on Insta, then write some related familiar words followed by Hashtag. Like, when you post your pic took in beach, then use #Beach #Sunset #Greenery #Sand #Relax #Juice etc!

2. And then, find random pictures in discover option on instagram and give likes for all! You should like minimum 500 pictures daily at least. This will raise your profile in all countries! You will get followed by more people.

3. Create some trending polls & contest thru Instagram. And share it in other social media sites too! When your concept & vision is good, then people will follow you for sure!

4. Paid & sponsored promotion will get you more followers. But you have spend some money for this method.

5. Without limits, like & comment on stranger profile's posts and pics. This nature will get you more insta followers for sure.

6. Always try to post your pics & posts in the evening time. Because people will be free in evening time only! Then you will get notified more!

7. Mainly you should use your profile name & username professionally. This will get you good attention with people! Edit your bio, and all other profile space well without compromises! 

8. Always try to have engage with people. Be jovial, nice, and proper person in captions and comments! Your sportive mentality will get you big circle followers!

9. Update your insta account often! Post news pics often! People will love you when you give them often updates!

10. Use social networking & bookmarking sites like Reddit, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and all other platforms well to get more followers!

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