Why the Girls are so Impressive to Boys?

Why the Girls are so Impressive to Boys?
When boys start to think about a beautiful girl or see any impressive girl on somewhere, then they won't forget her that much easily in their life. What really makes them to connect in their memories about her? Let's see some simple logic points!

First thing is harmones. Boys' harmones was designed like that! Exactly to say, when you see an impressive structured girl, which you have already imagined as per your taste, then your sexual harmones will start to secrete at that time. That time only you will get that unexplained lovely feel pleasantly! And it will roam in your memories further!

Your thoughts will dominate your life. That means, most of the boys are mostly will think about girls only at most of the times. So your predominant thoughts about girls will occupy your life's most of the part!

Seeing is easy, tasting is hard. Exactly to say, you may see many beautiful girls in your daily life. But you cannot have sexual relationship with all of them. So your mind predominantly will stuck into taste the beautiful girls always. So you cannot come out from that dominating thoughts.

Sex & Girls are highly pleasurable addiction. Mostly we cannot have positive thoughts that much easily. We have to practice daily to live in positive vibes. But negative thoughts will stick us very easily! Having sex with girls are not negative thing. But thinking always about sex & girls will ruin your life!

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