Does Following Someone Completely who Achieved is a Good thing?

Does following someone completely who achieved is a Good thing?

No obviously! Why? Let's take a brief here.. 

The one who achieved something in their life which you are looking for, they crossed many problems and struggles as per their character! 

Goal may be same, but the character differs person to person, the ways, problems, experiences also becomes very different to all. You maybe follow their same way to reach the goal easily. But the fact is that, you will get stuck often somewhere blindly to cross that point! To cross that point, you have to react the same like them! That means, you are losing your uniqueness and identity!

Without uniqueness and your own identity, achieving the goal is called worthless victory! 

If you want to shine, you can get ideas from different people, read the experiences of different people to know about, what are all the wrong ways which shouldn't go on and waste the time! But to reach your Goal, you have to create your own way, own style, own mannerism to get succeed! That kind of success only will get more valued among people!

So, just get brilliant ideas, winning methods & formulas from them! But don't copy or follow them completely! Once you got the techniques from them, with those intellectual collections, just start building your own brand! It really matters!

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