Fate, Luck, God, In these three things which one gives Victory?

Fate, Luck, God, In these three things which gives Victory?

Fate Theory - Most of us believe that, everything is happening because of FATE only! And It's all about the karmas of what we did in the previous birth! People also say, Whatever we think or do, It doesn't matters, the fate only will make all the happenings with humans!

Ok! If you really believe in fate, let me ask you a question! Perhaps, if everything happens only because of your fate, then what's the purpose of your current birth? If everything was designed by fate, then what will be your role in this earth? Are you a Doll/Toy of fate? Don't you have self respect? Don't you have thinking ability? Don't you have maturity? Don't you have self made growth?

Luck Theory - People also have very big faith in Luck! They respect the luck! They wait for luck! They are expecting the luck to be happen in their life! They are spending much time and money for Horoscope, Numerology, Casinos and Lotteries for the luck! 

Do you think that, winning a life through luck, will give you that fulfillment? If everything will happen in luck, then will you get any positive experiences or needed life lessons?

God Theory - Many of us believe that, there is a supreme power, that guides all people to live in this world. People generally call it as God. Some people say it as Positive vibration. But, if that supreme power really instructs everything means, then why there are so many crimes and brutal incidents happening in this world? 

Which means, is that power really rude? Is it Good? or Bad? You are facing many losses in your life. Some of people even dying in bad situations! Why the God really makes all these bad stuffs?


Let me conclude the facts of questions now. If you want to get victory in your life, then first choose perfectly that, what is your real needed Victory! I mean, fix your right goal first, and then start to play for it! 

Don't believe in Fate, Luck or God even! It's your life! 

You have to live this life in your style and in your own way! No one is going to teach it! We have 6th sense nah? It was given to use it to win your life brilliantly! There maybe God exists.. Fate also maybe there a little.. Luck also needed in life to get victory.. But you shouldn't believe all these completely! 

One thing you have to believe completely is that, YOURSELF! Have faith in yourself! When you are so conscious, and aggressive about your goals, then everything will start to fall in your place! God won't give you everything that much easily! Fate also won't take full part in your life! Luck also won't happen often! 

The fact is that, you maybe carried Karmas as Fate. When the Karma is bad, then the luck won't happen. God also will let you to face the issues to experience. But when you are started to live your life by having complete trust on yourself, then the God, Fate and Luck will definitely support you in the meantime! Living a life with your sixth sense will make yourself clean and pure! Have predominant positive thoughts! It really has ultimate power to change the BAD FATE even! Happy victory days ahead...

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