How to Live Our Life even After We Dead?

How to Live Our Life even After We Dead?

This is may little hard to believe! But, yeah! There are some matured ways to live our distinguished life even after we dead! What are all those?

Donate you body parts, Especially your eyes!

If we are enough matured in thinking, then we will come to know that, nothing is permanent in this life! In little more deeper, soul is only yours! Not your body! It's just like a shell.. So, understand this truth and give rights to a good hospital to take your body parts after you died! 

Because, your kidneys, lungs, heart, eyes, etc will get replaced to another living person in this world who are in need badly! Once we died, our body parts will get eaten by soil! So, don't waste it without any use.. Let the needed people live their life healthily by your body parts! 

After we died, even we gave rights for body donation, most of our family people are denying to give our body to hospital sentimentally! So instruct your family strictly, let them know about your wish and aware of it! Comically & effectively to say, Wanna see more good looking girls/boys even after you died? Just donate your eyes atleast!

Do the good things to people!

Doing good things to people really have extraordinary results! Fix the limit first! And then enjoy your life, desires and passions for more years till it get bored! Once you feel bored and you reached your fixed limit, then start to serve and live for unknown people! 

When you start to live for others without expecting any in returns, then the people will consider you like a God's messenger! Once they started to trust and praise you, then they will remember you till their last breathe! Even they will pass the news & things about you to their generation! So your name, popularity, top position and good things will live for many generation obviously!

Another Raw & Real Divine thing is called VASIYOGAM!

In India, the powerful humans called SIDDHARS & SHIVA YOGIS who lived sometime between 550 and 300 BCE are highly powerful who had direct touch with Divine! Some of them Named Bhogar, Pulippani, Agatthiyar, Thirumoolar etc. They really found many unbelievable creatures & they did unimaginable magical wonders through their hard practices which was learnt from Divine and nature!

They did Time travel things, Going to another body from their body without dying, Travelling anywhere in the world within some of seconds, changing any metal into Gold, Living the human life without dying for thousands of years, Seeing the universe in their inner eye from a sitting place, telling the earth's mysteries & it's drastic climate changes from their third eye and more! In those ultimate wonders, one of most notable thing is that, LIVING YOUR LIFE EVEN AFTER YOU DIED without losing your soul from your body! This method of Yogam is called VASIYOGAM. 

The real Gurus for Vasiyogam is very very rare. Mostly the cheating persons are only saying that they can able to teach you this for money. Finding a Guru to teach you this Vasiyogam is very rare! But once you really find proper Guru and practice this Vasiyogam, then there is no doubt that, you can physically, mentally and really can live thousands of years and more even after your died without losing your body and soul!

Image courtesy: The Ghost Diaries 

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