You Should Kill Your Guilty Feel Courageously!

You Should Kill Your Guilty Feel Courageously!

When the topic is about Guiltiness, then everyone of us atleast faced this once in our life! Is guilty feel is good for people? How this affects people deeply? How to kill this guilty feel in life?

Being a human, No matter what you did in the past! Suppose, if any of your past activity made big mistake with other people in any circumstances, and it's really makes guiltiness with you, then you are in the compulsion stage of killing your guilty feel which destroys your happy life!

See.. No one is perfect in this world! So, whatever mistake you did, that same mistake already was done by someone to someother in this world! You are not a newly starter of that mistake! And you should also understand one main thing! Since everyone doing mistakes in their life, the victim who affected by you, may also did some mistakes in their life! 

As the Karma is so powerful, they may got good lesson by you for their previous mistakes! Consider this as fate! Nothing to worry in this! 

The situations only sent you to them to make that mistake! You may think hard to believe! But that is the real fact! If you believe in God, then God itself said, 

"I am Guiding you in all Situations! Don't worry about any!" 

If you have faith in fate, then 

"The mistake was happened because of Fate! Not because of you!" 

You are just a tool of fate!

When the supreme power plans something big, then we cannot do anything or stop it even! You just have to nod for it unknowingly! This is called supreme power's play! In very deep to say, To live your happy life, just use the name of Fate to come out from high Guiltiness! 

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