What should we learn from Football and Flute?

What should we learn from Football and Flute?

Sometimes very small things will teach us most smart things for our better life! Yeah, you may saw or heard about football and Flute in your life! Did you ever think that, what is the link between these two? And what are all the life instructions given by Flute and Football to people?


Football and Flute both are connected to air! In this particular thing, if we take football, It's totally keeps the raw air inside what we give, without giving back. So that it gets kicked by many people!

At the same time, the Flute is really smart! It receives the same raw air from people, and giving it back as lovely music to this world! So that people holding it safely & keeping it in respective places! 

Likewise, no matter what you receive from this world. You should give back to this world as good things without holding. Because nothing is permanent in this life! Getting kicked by people or Being in respective place, all are with you only! It's all about how you behave and react by your maturity!

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