Understanding we Should Have on Beggars and Homeless People!

Understanding we should have on beggars and homeless people!

When you go on roads, you might have seen atleast one beggar or homeless person there. They maybe active, good looking and physically non disabled. Some maybe physically disabled, ugly, cursed too. 

You might have think that, "What's wrong with them? Why don't they go for some work and earn in their own? They are lazy! They are cheap! Why should I alms them? Giving alms is like encouraging beggars count!"

But the real things we have to understand is that,

Giving alms won't destroy our kingdom!

They are begging because of their situation, which we don't know completely!

Even though they are cheating like physically disabled, get cheated by them happily for your less penny! Because they are cheating you for daily food. It's not big robbery!

They are losing their respect as respected human only for their daily living! So you just give respect for that sacrifice!

They won't build luxury bungalow by our alms!

Even if someone achieved by building a bungalow and live a luxury life from a beggar stage, just appreciate their hardwork!

Simply to say, we have to think the truths deeply & react matured, than following idiotic advises and common point of views.

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