Who is the Right Person in this World? Curse explained!

Who is the right person in this world? Curse explained!

What type of life we are living in this earth? Are we healthy? Are we happy? Is this life pattern really good for happy and healthy living? Let's make a look!

We live in an apartment or individual home, even without knowing nearby door's neighbor name! Aren't they human? Is that good? 

We know that organic foods only good for health. But still most of us eating Junk foods for taste and in urgency! Is that good?

Dress is for covering our body! Not to showcase ourselves sexy to society. Are we dressing up properly? When there is sexy appearance because of costumes, then there will be rape attempts! Is that good? Instead of repel the cat, we should close the fish vessel as pre-caution!

Cheating wife/husband is not moral. But how many of us following the moral?

Caring our mom & dad even after we married is a responsibility. Are we doing this?

Bribing is offense. Didn't you do this ever in your life?

Cheating, telling lie, backstabbing, getting angry, using bad words, wrong guidance, watching the crime without doing nothing, keeping silence in unnecessary time, voting for corrupted,  etc etc......

Like these, I can speak and ask many things to people. Yeah! There are thousands of bad things & wrong things in this earth. If anyone did atleast any one of these mistakes in their life once, then they lose their purity as Right/Good person from the next millisecond itself! So they can't tell they are Right/Good person! So who is the right person in this world??? 

I say, No One Is Perfect In This World! So don't worry for anything! Don't follow anyone completely! It's your life! Just enjoy your life as per your wishes and desires in this birth!

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