Should you take Someone's Advice who Experienced?

Should you take someone's advice who experienced?

There are two types of advises around. One is called time pass immature advises from meaningless people. And another one is, valuable experienced advises from meaningful people! So, before getting an advice & following it, first you have to know that, what kind of person they are, what are they coming to tell and what is the gain for them for giving those advises!

The people when coming to know that you have money or rich sources, then they will try to stick with you as Advisers! Yeah, they will use you like anything, if you don't know their intention blindly!

Advises are the most free things available in this world! But the thing is that, we have to value ourselves & we should take the right advice from the right person who experienced! Some of people may experienced.

But they will advice you for their hidden benefit! At that time, we shouldn't be their victim! So before go on with them, analyse the truth and value on advises! Once you came to know their healthy intention on giving advises, then you can definitely hear, nod and follow it!

Image courtesy: Gordon Robertson

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